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Objection! Overcome Common Cloud Backup Sales Obstacles

Even with a leading cloud backup solution and a well-developed marketing strategy, any IT managed services sales rep could encounter objections from reluctant prospects. Selling cloud backup is about selling value, and some potential customers need more help understanding the value of your service than others.

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  • Seven common cloud backup objections
  • Counterarguments that will help you overcome each
  • Practical tools and strategies to build value in your service

To overcome these bumps in the road, MSPs need to understand popular cloud backup objections and prepare a counter argument that clearly defines the value of their managed service offerings. Intronis is ready to help your sales team overcome common sales obstacles with guidance from our sales experts.


Please register below to replay the Intronis webinar Objection! Overcome Common Cloud Backup Sales Obstacles, hosted by Rob Merklinger, VP of Sales at Intronis, and Tony Francisco, President and CEO of VAR Dynamics.