Backup and Recovery In A Virtual World

Backup and Recovery In A Virtual World

Did you know that many SMBs are leaving critical data in their virtual systems unprotected?

This fact offers MSPs a lucrative opportunity to deploy virtualization-capable backup and recovery tools that will meet the budgetary and technological needs of your clients.

Read this paper, Backup and Recovery in a Virtual World, to discover how virtualization will open new opportunities for your business. Topics covered in this paper include:

 •   The expansion of virtualization
 •   Which virtual systems are at risk
 •   The challenge of safeguarding virtual systems
 •   Solutions that help safeguard virtual systems

This paper is ideal for MSPs needing to find lucrative ways to support their virtual environments but it will also offer technical guidance to those already supporting virtualization.

What's Inside...

Virtualization has been changing the business IT landscape since the first hypervisor solution debuted in 1999. At its core, the technology allows for the creation of software-defined virtual machines that act as discrete hardware assets – servers, storage arrays, desktops, networking devices, etc. – but exist only as guest instances decoupled from the host infrastructure.

In its early days, virtualization was adopted by large enterprises and data center operators taking advantage of its ability to add capacity and scale without physical components or the power and cooling costs those hardware assets require. Virtualization made it possible to dynamically and granularly pool and reallocate infrastructure resources, thus it served as a key driver of what would be known as cloud computing. Thanks to virtualization, data-center providers could pack large numbers of virtual machines into multi-tenant hosted environments, allowing clients to share a single server at costs far below those of traditional, dedicated hardware infrastructure configurations.

While SMBs were slower to jump on the virtualization bandwagon because of the substantial upfront investment, its evolution to include reduced costs, improved reliability and proliferation of desirable virtualization dependent cloud services has fueled tremendous growth in the space over the past three years.

According to the most recent industry data from IT social business platform provider Spiceworks...

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