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Take the Stigma Out of Upselling & Expand Your Offering to Your Clients

“Upsell” is not a four-letter word.

In today’s ultra-competitive managed services market, smart MSPs need to keep their sights on growing revenues from their existing client base whenever possible. But despite the huge profit potential, “upselling” has a certain stigma around it that many of us would rather avoid.

When a client is happily writing a check every month, what is the best way to approach them with an additional managed service offering that will… gasp! ...cost more?

In this webinar, Ulistic CEO Stuart Crawford and Intronis’ Nathan Bradbury share tried and tested tips on how to upsell your clients without giving into that stigma.

This webinar uses Intronis’ Bare Metal Restore as an example of expanding your offering and also features a technical overview of this new feature.

Join Stuart and Nathan as they break through the "upsell stigma!"

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About the Presenters

Stuart Crawford is a former MSP owner who now runs Ulistic, a company dedicated to coaching U.S. and Canadian IT service providers to greater success. His core area of focus: cost-effective Marketing and Sales strategies that develop, nurture and convert high-value leads for MSPs.

Nathan Bradbury is a Senior Solutions Engineer with Intronis. His core expertise is demonstrating how Intronis solutions solve our partners' most pressing technical challenges. His deep knowledge of the data protection market is an asset to partners who want to know how Intronis stacks up competitively.